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  • The poker shuffler is commonly sued in poker clubs and casinos. It has been installed with a tiny optical fiber scanner, which can quickly scan regular playing cards ( no need to use marked playing cards ) and then send the cards’ information to a s...
  • It's an exquisite stretchy bracelet with square Buddhist prayer beads. There is a tiny poker camera hidden in one of the beads.With good concealment, the camera is pretty hard to be discovered by other people....
  • It's an exquisite stretchy bracelet with jade beads. There is a tiny poker camera hidden inside the small block. With good concealment, the camera is pretty hard to be discovered by other people....
  • Our cigarette box poker scanner is suitable for those who like to smoke while gambling to use. In a situation where other players are smoking as well, cigarette box is an ideal carrier of poker camera. Our company can hide our poker camera in the ciga...
  • With a concealable poker camera installed inside, Our iPhone 7 power case can be used to charge the battery of your cellphone, and at the same time, to read marked cards as a poker scanner. The camera can scan marked cards in a highly hidden way. In o...
  • Date: 17-09-01AKK A1 Poker Analzyer
    Our AKK A1 AKK features exquisite, elegant, trendy and attractive appearance design based on fashionable phone model. Its 5 inch super-big screen with IPS HD system can give users a more comfortable visual experience while operating the poker analyzer...
  • Our company sells cellphones of different brands, such as iPhone, Samsung, Nokia and so on. Our cellphones are no different from those people use in daily life except for the special function of scanning barcode marked cards. We installed a poker cam...
  • The whole system consists of three parts: electronic dice, a remote control and a base board. We can process all kinds of dice, like transparent dice, bone dice and plastic dice, into electronic dice. To be specific, we usually process the two opposi...
  • Date: 17-08-25AKK K4 Poker Analyzer
    Our AKK K4 features the original S4 mobile phone appearance design with 5-inch full-view high-definition LCD screen. With a built-in dual lens, it can scan barcode marked cards in a much wide range and report poker results after reading the cards more...
  • There is a concealed poker camera installed inside the black box. The camera can work with fast scanning speed within 1.8 to 2.3 meters from barcode marked cards. If you prefer wider scanning distance, we can also satisfy your demand. Both of its scan...

Video Demo

This is a page for videos demo, as now we are lack of products videos, so I will introduce this page in text.

First of all, you must learn about what our company looks like and what products we sell. To save you a little time, we are a company located at Guangzhou, China, and our marketing crow are those who wanna cheat at poker game. So mainly every kinds of marked cards are available here, plus other forms of cheating devices such as poker analyzers and mahjong tables. If you find any deficiency of our products and classifications, please feel free to let us know.

Secondly, about the lack of videos here, I can explain. The major reason is this is a new business, eye marked cards is a completely new brand online. So we have few time to make our products consummate in every details, but we definitely feel sorry if this brings you any trouble and misunderstanding. So one of solutions to this problem is calling us before you make a horseback decision.

Third, we really wanna make this business alive and keep developing, We are welcome any voices and suggestions to our website, marked decks products and our company.

Best regards,
Eye Marked Cards

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