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Our wallets are available in both long style and short style, suitable for both men and women. There are two camera lenses hidden inside them, which are totally concealable and impossible to be discovered easily by other people. The two camera lenses work together to scan edge marked cards, making the whole scanning range very wide. 
In order for the cameras lenses to scan the cards’ barcodes, you normally need to keep the wallet 20-40cm from the edge marked cards. If you prefer to customize the scanning distance according to your own needs, we can satisfy your demand as well. You can put the wallet where is good for the cameras lenses to work after taking out your money in it.
Our wallet external poker camera can play a great role in poker cheat by scanning edge marked cards quickly, accurately and stably. After the scanning, it will immediately transfer the collected data to your poker analyzer, no matter it’s PK King, CVK or AKK series. You can hear the poker results reported by your poker analyzer as soon as it finishes analyzing the data. 

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