X-Ray Vision Dice Scanner System

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If you want to win casino dice games like craps, there is a device could do you a big favor, which is the X-ray scanning system.

X-ray vision scanner contain an hard X-ray scanning lens, a display screen, a dice bowl(or tray, tower) and several dices. There are no restrictions on any kinds of the die bowls and dices. For die bowls, the non-transparent plastic dice bowl, the colorful plastic dice bowl and the porcelainous dice bowl all would work. As for the dices, you have many selections: bone dices, plastic dices, transparent dices and so on. The trick here is the röntgen radiation itself, heavy elements like metal and bone absorb the high-energy lights more so it would be clear to see differents between dice values and other parts of stuffs on screen which the result imaging receives by X-ray filter in camera lenses.

So if you know the principal of X-rays, you could put the x-ray lens into your bag or other soft covors which will be penetrated by the beams of xrays. And the scanning distance between scanning lens and the dice bowl is 2-3 meters that is enough to provide you a clear image on the screen or your cell phone.

dice under x-ray imaging on screen
It's the six of dice points

whole set of x-ray kit for die
xrays kit you will use in package

screen displayer for x-ray imaging
The displayer you would use to show xray imaging
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