Spy camera for back marked cards

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Spy camera lens, also called pinhole camera lens, is a kind of electronic camera that scan the marks on the back cards. After scan the cards, the video will be sent to TV or phone by wireless. Your partner will read the marks and tell you what cards they are by earpiece and mic.

Along with the development of science and technology, more and more advanced camera come out. There are many kinds of cameras for sale, such as IR camera, black filter camera, white filter camera lens, laser camera lens, and other camera lens. Each camera has their own cards to match with. The most advanced camera now is the laser camera, the cards for it can not be checked by any other camera.

Spy camera can be fixed on the ceiling of the roof, the lamp, the smoke sensor, clock... and many other objects. The distance of camera scan can be customized. This camera is very suit for casino using.

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