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Modiano is the preeminent manufacturer of Italian playing cards and regional Italian playing cards in Italy. This card is widely used in Europe country casinos.

We specialize in the distribution of plastic playing cards to domestic and international markets. There is simply no better way to describe Modiano playing cards than as the complete poker playing card solution. Modiano surpasses it competitors (such as Copag cards and Kem cards) in every aspect worthy of merit. Modiano plastic cards are extremely playable without sacrificing durability, resilience, or sharpness.

Modiano Cards are 100% plastic playing cards. 100% plastic playing cards will often last up to 50-100 times longer than paper based or plastic coated playing cards. 100% plastic cards are washable, crimp and fade resistant, waterproof and extremely durable.

Since so many players use Mondiano playing cards, EYE Poker Cheating Center of course will mark the cards well. We can do the cards for contact lenses, for all kinds of cameras. For contact lenses, the marks are marked by invisible ink and you can not see anything by your naked eyes. Also, from outside, you can not see any color change compared with original cards.

modiano reader under detecting devices

Modiano seems normal

blue back Modiano under IR

blue back Modiano cards seem normal

The marks design can be done according to your request.

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