Fournier 2818 marked playing cards

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Fournier 2818 playing cards are widely used in western countries and Russia. Nowadays, more and more player in USA also use it. Original cards are made in Spain, with plastic material, very very good quality. Poker size, Jumbo index.

Although Fournier 2818 cards are a kind of plastic cards, EYEPCC can mark this plastic very beautifully. After we mark the cards, the cards looks original by naked eyes. Even professional player will not feel strange on the cards. We can do big mark on the cards, also small marks on the cards, very very small marks on the board. If you want some special marks, we also can do for you.

EYE made the marks can be seen under low light, sunshine light, yellow light and fluorescent lamp light. It is also said that no light limited

Below are the pictures of our products.

You can see marks on the back clearly with IR contact lenses

Good quality Fournier marked cards

Big marks on the back

There is no difference with normal poker cards

Choose EYEPCC, you can do just as you want.

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