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Barcode marked cards play a pivotal role in the poker analyzer cheating system. Inferior products are easy to expose that you are using poker cheating devices. Our best of the best barcode marked cards have the several key advantages.

Firstly, they are made of unique and incomparable material with a temperate soft and a washable feature.

Secondly, look like as original poker cards and there is not any trace of processing at the edges.

Thirdly, not allow to be read by naked eyes, they are only for poker camera. If you have special demand, we could supply one to one barcode marked cards.

Fourthly, it has very swift speed and response of the scanning process by poker camera lens and comes out with a clear image on mobile phone, so you will know the accurate card value and game trend result immediately.

Fifth, these marked cards could be used for more than half a month though exposed in the air.

marked cards with barcode and scanned by mobile phone

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