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Bee poker made by one and only incomparable paper pulp, in 1892 by the United States playing cards company to create a brand. Bee marked playing cards are made from bee poker cards, bee marked cards is better than many playing cards company in the United States. It is made of selected mixture of raw materials.

There are two kinds of materials of playing marked cards. Therefore, you can see Bee plastic playing marked cards and Bee paper playing marked cards. We can make USA Bee playing marked cards into edged marked cards and back marked cards. And our company can process these products according to your requirement. Bee playing marked cards can be for playing Texas hold&squalor;em, Baccarat poker game, and Omaha poker game, Low-ball and other poker cheating games.

Bee marked playing cards are one of the best poker cards, you can use it as bar-code marked cards or process it into back marked cards. Bee marked playing cards cannot duplicate by other companies too. It is easy, simple and convenience! Now starts your tour of gambling.

Red suit of Bee cards marked with AKKK Bee marked cards without IR camera Blue back Bee cards have four corners being marked It is the same with non-marked bee cards

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