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  • Our cigarette packet, as a poker analyzing scanner, is available in different cigarette brands, such as the Lotus King and the Chung Hwa. There is a poker camera lens hidden in its bottom or in the side with barcodes, but it still looks very normal an
  • One way that we turn a Baccarat dealing shoe into a poker cheating device is by installing a poker camera lens inside it. The poker camera lens can play a great role in the poker cheating process by quickly scanning the barcode marked cards in the pok
  • Our ashtray, as a poker analyzing scanner, comes in three types: square&metal, square&glass, triangle&porcelain and round&metal. It has been equipped with one or two poker camera lenses, which is/are so concealable that nobody will be able to find any
  • This Baccarat cheating system can let you know the poker result of each round and change it by remote control. It consists of three parts: an electronic poker dealer, a special cellphone and barcode marked cards. Here are some inforamtion about them:
  • Our lighters can be used for two totally different purposes: one is to light cigarettes, and the other is to scan barcode marked cards. Such lighters are available in different brands, such as electric arc lighter, Zippo lighter and KTZ lighter. We us
  • We usually make a half-transparent Baccarat dealing shoe a part of our backstage monitoring system by installing a mini poker camera in its non-transparent part, which is so concealable that nobody will be able to discover its existence even you check
  • Our small handbag, as a poker analyzing scanner, has been installed inside with three poker scanning cameras to scan barcode marked cards: one has short scanning distance, while the other two have long scanning distance.
  • Our key ring looks very normal and there is nothing special about it in appearance, but actually we have installed a mini poker scanning camera into the key ring, which is so concealable that nobody else will be able to discover its existence except y
  • Our company sells two types of poker cheating spectacles, which can enable you to see invisible IR, UV or luminous marks on poker backs: one is contact lenses and the other is sunglasses.
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