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  • Our Samsung phone, as a poker cheating camera, has been installed with a poker camera lens which can scan barcode marked cards with fast speed, high accuracy and strong stability.
  • We can install a poker camera lens into the upper, middle or lower part of a plastic/metal/glass water bottle, turning it into a poker analyzing scanner. No matter where the poker camera lens is hidden, nobody will be able to discover its existence si
  • Cheating Dice Cup System

    Our cheating dice cup can play a great role in dice gambling by working with electronic dice and a remote control.The electronic dice, having been specially processed by our professional technicians, are just like magnets with a positive pole and a ne
  • Our leather belt poker analyzing scanner is usually used as part of poker analyzing system by two or more poker players for gambling cheat: one sitting at gambling table while the other standing beside the table.
  • We usually turn normal dice into mercury dice by putting a certain amount of mercury -- the only liquid metal, into the former. With the mercury inside, the processed dice still look as normal as the unprocessed ones and weigh nearly as much as the un
  • Put barcode marked cards 20 to 40cm away from the chip tray, then the poker camera lens will work efficiently in the poker cheating process by quickly scanning the cards’ barcodes, accurately collecting the cards’ information and immediately trans
  • If you intend to cheat in dice gambling alone by using our induction dice, you need to put a vibrator into your pocket before you gamble. The induction dice covered by dice bowl or dice cup will send signals to the vibrator, letting you know that resu
  • Taking a wad of banknotes to gamble is normal, while using the money to cheat is not so normal.We usually hide one or two poker camera lenses, which can scan barcode marked cards, in a wad of banknotes with the same currency value
  • Each remote control dice has two opposite poles, which can be 1 and 6, 2 and 5, or 3 and 4. Toss the dice on our specially processed base board, then you can make the positive side or the negative side face up through a dedicated remote control, which
  • Our long/short wallet poker analyzing scanner is suitable for private gambling in which people use cash instead of chips to bet. It has been installed inside with two poker camera lenses, which can work together to scan barcode marked cards, making th
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