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  • Gambling Cheat Mahjong Kits

    Our company sells two Mahjong kits for gambling cheat: one is invisible ink marked Mahjong tiles kit and the other is remote control Mahjong tiles kit.
  • Marked Cards Contact Lenses

    The contact lenses used for poker cheat are perspective glasses, which can allow you to see invisible marks printed on poker card backs. They have been widely used by poker players in different parts of the world to help them win money in poker games.
  • Poker analyzer is intended for gambling cheat and has been widely used by poker players all over the world. Our company has the latest poker analyzers for sale, including CVK 500, AKK K4, K5 and A1. Here are some features they have in common.
  • Marked Cards Poker Scanners

    Our company has two types of poker scanners for sale: one is for reading back marked cards , and the other is for reading edge marked cards. The former can read those back marked cards made using infrared ink or laser ink ( the 2nd, 5th, and 8th gener
  • Poker Cheat Marked Cards

    Marked cards have been widely used all over the world for the huge advantages they can bring for poker players by working with some other cheating devices in poker cheat. In order for customers’ diverse demands to be satisfied , we have made all kin
  • To cheat in card games, we have three cheating sets for you choose: poker perspective glasses and back marked cards, poker monitoring system and back marked cards, poker analyzer system and barcode marked cards.
  • It’s a power bank poker scanner, which can be used to charge the battery of your cellphone and scan marked cards at the same time. The three cameras installed inside it work together to scan marked cards, making the scanning range much wider then th
  • Congress is a poker brand quite popular among serious card players all over the world. It features the unique "Cel-U-Tone" finish and has many over 20 different back designs -- standard and jumbo-sized numbers are available, depending on the design. E
  • Coat Playing Card Exchanger

    Playing card exchanger is a kind of our cheating products, which can be used for exchanging one card in your hand for another one. We can provide you with playing card exchangers disguised as different items commonly seen in daily life and here we tak
  • Poker Cards Scanners

    Roughly speaking, our company has two types of poker cards scanners for sale: one is for scanning poker back marks, and the other is for scanning poker side marks.
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