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  • Our jacket cuff poker cheating camera can scan the barcode marked cards caught in your hand, while the shirt cuff poker cheating camera needs to be kept within 30 to 50cm from the barcode marked cards to work.
  • Our barcode marked cards backstage monitoring system can be used to help you win money in such poker games as Baccarat and Blackjack. It is made up of seven parts: a cheating poker shoe, a monitor, barcode marked cards, two remote controllers, a wirel
  • Jacket zipper poker cheating camera is one of the most concealable barcode marked cards scanners available from our company. The poker camera lens, which can scan poker barcodes quickly and accurately, is hidden inside the zipper head.
  • Our company, EYEPCC, boasts advanced technology and sophisticated equipment to print invisible marks on Bicycle 808 normal poker cards, producing Bicycle 808 back marked poker cards and Bicycle 808 edge marked poker cards.
  • A button fixed on shirt front or jacket cuff is very small and not eye-catching, but still we can install a zoom camera lens, a hand-catching camera lens or a short-distance camera lens into such a tiny thing, making it completely concealable to anyon
  • Infrared Contact Lenses

    Our infrared contact lenses are available in different colors, such as blue, green and purple -- no matter what your eye color is, there will be suitable infrared contact lenses for you. We suggest you keep them in two separate glass bottles with cont
  • We usually turn a common phone charger wire phone charger wire into a poker cheating camera by installing a mini poker camera lens into the wire’s end connected to power source.
  • Our company, EYEPCC, boasts advanced technology and sophisticated equipment to print invisible marks on Bee No.92 normal poker cards, producing Bee No.92 back marked poker cards and Bee No.92 edge marked poker cards.
  • We have a large stock of the poker cheating cameras disguised as different types of charge pals. They all have been installed with a poker camera lens which can scan barcode marked cards with fast speed, high accuracy and strong stability.
  • AKK A2 is our latest poker predicting system installed inside with a poker scanning camera and a poker analyzing software. If you want to know more about it, please refer to the following list.
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