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  • Bipolar Dice System

    What is so-called bipolar dice? It’s also called remote control dice, one of the three kinds of cheating dice we sell. To make bipolar dice, we usually turn two opposite sides ( which can be 1 and 6, 2 and 5, or 3 and 4 ) into two poles: a positive
  • To turn a short-sleeve shirt without buttons into a poker scanner for edge marked cards, we usually install the poker camera in the shirtfront, the part of the shirt that covers your chest.
  • The perspective table has been installed with 9 special cameras, which are capable of scanning regular playing cards, then sending the cards’ information to the TV set or the computer. Your cheating partner in the backstage can clearly seen the poke
  • We can install a hand-catching poker camera or short-distance poker camera into the cuff of a real clothing sleeve or a fake clothing sleeve, turning them into a poker scanner for edge marked cards.
  • The cheating poker shuffler looks very common and normal in appearance, but actually it has been installed inside with a optical fiber camera lens, which is capable of scanning regular playing cards quickly ( no need to use marked playing cards ) and
  • Among all the common items that we turn into poker scanner for edge marked cards, clothing button is the smallest one.We can install a hand-catching camera lens, a short-distance camera lens or a zoom camera lens inside such a tiny thing, and nobody w
  • There are many different cheating casino poker shoes available from our company, and the most upscale one is our remote-control electronic poker shoe, which is characterized by exquisite workmanship and elegant appearance.
  • The poker camera lens is hidden inside the zipper puller, too concealable to be discovered by other people. According to the height of the poker table, you can adjust the position of the zipper puller to make it easy and convenient for the poker camer
  • The remote control Baccarat surveillance set for poker cheat consists of seven parts: a cheating poker shoe, a monitor, a wireless sender, two remote controllers, a wireless receiver, barcode marked cards and an earpiece.
  • We usually make our betting odds calculator part of poker analyzer system by installing it with a poker camera lens, which can scan invisible poker barcodes within 20 to 40 centimeters from edge marked cards. If you prefer to customize the scanning di
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