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  • Lucky Star is a famous and popular poker camera brand, which usually disguises itself as a common shirt button to avoid attracting attention from other people. With large scope of recognition, the poker camera lens hidden inside the shirt button is ca
  • If you are in the market for a poker scanner which can scan edge marked cards from a relatively long distance, we have many different choices for you, such as power strip poker scanner, plastic flowerpot poker scanner, wooden chair poker scanner and e
  • The remote controlled dice board can play a great role in gambling cheat by working with electronic dice and a remote controller.The remote controlled dice board should be installed under the table on which you play dice games.
  • If you want to buy a long-distance poker scanner for edge marked cards, our emergency light poker scanner is a recommended choice for you.We usually install those ordinary emergency lights inside with a poker camera which is totally concealable and no
  • We usually hide the poker camera lens in a power bank or a handbag. Turn on the camera lens, direct it towards the 8 barcode marked decks in the transparent poker shoe and keep it 70 to 100cm from them, then the camera lens will scan the the poker bar
  • A comon item in daily life can play an uncommon role in poker cheat, just like our tissue holder.There is nothing special about the tissue holder in appearance, but actually we’ve installed a concealed poker camera lens inside it, turning the tissue
  • If you are in the market for IR contact lenses, we have three different versions for your choice: American version ( Johnson and Johnson ), Korean version and Chinese version.IR contact lenses of different versions are made of different materials, whi
  • Many poker scanners we sell have a single one poker camera to scan edge marked cards, while there are three poker cameras hidden inside our small handbag: one has short scanning distance, while the other two have long scanning distance. The small hand
  • Our poker cards switcher, which comes in wide size or narrow size, can be hidden inside the sleeve cuff of jackets or shirts to help users cheat in poker games. Such jackets and shirts are available in different styles. In spite of the poker cards swi
  • It’s very common that people carry around their keys when they go out to somewhere, including gambling places, and that’s why an ordinary key ring won’t attract much attention in casino or poker clubs even if it’s been turned into a poker scan
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