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  • Poker Cards Scanners

    Roughly speaking, our company has two types of poker cards scanners for sale: one is for scanning poker back marks, and the other is for scanning poker side marks.
  • Copag is a famous poker brand widely used all over world and its history is directly linked to the history of card games in Brazil. Copag brand has been in this market since the beginning of the 20th century and kept its position as the absolute leade
  • iPhone 6 Card Switcher

    Card switcher is a cheating tool applicable to poker. You can use it to convert one card in your hand into another one. We usually turn those items commonly seen in daily life into card switchers and here we take the iPhone 6 for instance.
  • KEM cards are made entirely of cellulose acetate material, the most durable plastic used today in playing card production. They are scuff-resistant and break-resistant, completely washable and extremely durable. Of all poker brands in the market, KEM
  • In order to work in poker cheat, nearly all poker cheating devices need to seek assistance from marked cards, which has contributed to the wide use of them all over the world. You can’t be too careful to choose the cheating devices you intend to ta
  • What is the so-called “perspective poker table” we sell? It’s a poker table that has been installed with our special poker cameras, which can read regular playing cards and then present the poker faces of the face-down cards on a monitor screen
  • Sometimes other poker players may know whether your poker hand is good or bad through the micro-expression on your face or in your eyes. To prevent other players from reading any information in your eyes, we recommend you to use our marked cards sungl
  • Da Vinci has been widely recognized as one of the world’s best poker brands, comparable or even better than both KEM and Copag. The Da Vinci cards are designed and manufactured by Modiano, beautiful in appearance and great in quality. They are washa
  • Poker camera, as an integral part of poker analyzer system, is usually used for scanning marked cards. In case of being discovered by other people, a poker cameras should be disguised as those items we commonly see in daily life. If you want to buy a
  • Bee playing cards have been setting the standard for good quality since their first production in 1892. Bee is a casino card brand, whose current versions have a blue or red non-bordered diamond back. They are comparable to Bicycle playing cards, thou
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