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    Our company usually hides a poker camera lens inside common daily items, turning them into poker scanners. As a result, we have power bank poker scanner, car key poker scanner, watch poker scanner, cigarette case poker scanner, cell phone poker scanne
  • Our company wholesales Modiano marked card decks at home and abroad. As a poker brand widely used in Europe country casinos, Modiano is the synonym of quality and excellence. Here are some features that the Modiano decks have.
  • Our company sells poker analyzers disguising as smart cellphones of different brands, including Iphone, Samsung and Nokia. Here in this article,we are gonna introduce you to the Samsung Galaxy AKK K5 poker analyzer which can help you win a lot more mo
  • Our company can process a common casino transparent poker shoe into “hand control second deal poker shoe”, a cheating tool which can enable you to see what the card-to-be-dealt is from a certain angle.
  • The electronic poker shoe has exquisite and fashionable exterior design. There is a poker converter inside it, which can switch one card with another one, thus changing the poker results in an undetectable way. The converter can be concealed in case o
  • Our playing cards featuring fluorescent back marks, with necessary supplementary light, can be read by the corresponding one-to-one poker camera and then be clearly seen by human eyes on a monitor screen. However, no poker perspective glasses ( contac
  • Our poker camera installed inside such items as power bank, car key, lighter and watch is usually used for reading barcode marked cards, while the poker camera we hide in our smoke detector is intended for reading back marked cards.
  • Made entirely of cellulose acetate material, the most durable plastic used today in playing card production, KEM decks have been widely regarded as the world's finest playing cards. Among all poker brands in the market, only KEM cards deliver the clas
  • The scanning distance of our many poker barcodes scanners, like cell phone barcode cards scanner, car key barcode cards scanner, watch barcode cards scanner, wallet barcode cards scanner and lighter barcode cards scanner, is within 20 to 80 centimeter
  • Bicycle, as one of the most popular poker brands around the world, has been widely used by poker professionals and magicians in poker clubs, magic shows and gambling casinos all over the world. Bicycle Civil War is one of the most representative decks
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