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  • If you have a gambling casino of your own, hoping to make money through Baccarat cheat, you can try our Baccarat poker shuffler for poker analyzer system. We have different types of Baccarat poker shufflers for sale, all enjoying a good reputation for
  • The key ring we sell is very common in the market. It features exquisite appearance and fine workmanship. The camera lens installed inside the key ring is completely concealable and other people won’t be able to discover its existence. Normally, its
  • Do you want to see normal playing cards' faces while playing poker? If you do, our perspective table can make that happen for you. The perspective table we sell has been that has been installed with our special poker cameras, which have the function o
  • The camera lens we hide inside the car keys is completely concealable and other people won’t be able to discover its existence. It is made using the sensor technology imported from Germany, featuring extremely high resolution. In order for the camer
  • To make such cheating Domino tiles, we usually use infrared ink or luminous ink to mark regular Domino tiles on one, two or three sides. Having been marked, processed Domino tiles have nearly no chromatic aberration compared with the original Domino t
  • To prevent other people from finding out about the wristband external camera, you need to wear a piece of clothes with long sleeves. A long as you catch a barcode marked deck in your hand, the camera lens will scan the cards’ barcodes quickly and ac
  • Our remote control Mahjong tiles have been installed inside with a microchip so that they can work with the programmed automatic Mahjong table. Having been processed, such cheating Mahjong tiles look as normal as the original ones. The cheating progra
  • The beads of the bracelet can be jade or wooden, all strung together by a flexible cord. You can adjust the elastic degrees of the cord as you like. The camera lens used to scan barcode marked cards is hidden inside one of the beads, too concealable t
  • We usually mark regular Mahjong tiles on one, two or three sides with such invisible ink as infrared ink and luminous ink. In spite of the marks, there is no chromatic aberration between the original Mahjong tiles and the marked ones.
  • People usually use cash instead of chips to play poker in private gambling. In such case, for those who want to win money by using poker analyzer system, wallet is a great choice to be the external camera to scan barcode marked cards.
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