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Before visiting or using this website, you have to read, understand and agree to be bound to this Terms of Use. We reserve rights to change, modify, add or remove any Terms of Use anytime, but we definitely will inform you. If you don’t agree to be bounded by these Terms of Use, please don’t visit or use this website and products.

Law and Age

People who are over 13 years old visits the website is in violation of the Terms of Use, and you must sure about your age is not against any law. We suggest that all customers follow the local laws of where you are and regulations of your countries and reach legal age to purchase these products in our website. If you are in violation of the laws, we have the rights to refuse providing any products and services.

Website Files and Data

Not allowed to copy and use any file data without permission. The ownership of all file data belongs to eye marked cards company. It is forbidden for anyone to steal the files and data in illegal way. Our company will keep all the file data (including text, pictures, documents.etc.) copyrights. If someone is ignoring this term, we will take actions to retain our rights and seek for attorney’s advice. We are sure we will definitely sue any organization or person who is against our copyrights, so please don’t violate any DMCA laws.

About Products

You admit and agree that our products in the website don’t have 100% guarantee, promise, projection or assurance for winning money. The results of using these products are really depend on customers themselves. It’s relying on the operation ability, gambling condition and self-discipline of the users on controlling greed. Costumers must know the risk of using any products in this website, and our company have nothing to do with the improper using by users. The Limitation of Liability of our company only includes manufacturing, sales, promotion, product consulting, instructions and other related information. We will assume responsibility for any non-artificial damage of products you bought from our website.

Changing of Terms

Please be attention! With the development of the website, we may add new services and functions on it. If these new additions affect above terms, we will be appropriate to modify and let you know. We reserve the rights to change or modify these terms anytime. If you have any question (Terms of use, Products, Services, Website), please contact us!

These terms were last updated on October 21, 2014.

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