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This is the Privacy Policy about our company. Our website provides a convenient, complete and fast way for you to know more details about our products while you just would like to find out. Moreover, our Privacy Policy will introduce how and why we collect, use and manage information of our clients. At the same time, using our website means you have already known and agreed that we collect and use information according these terms.

We are committed to protect your privacy. And we understand that you don’t want your personal information which you give us to spread to the public, so we will state clearly how to protect your information, how to collect your information and how to use your information.

We reserve the rights to change this Privacy Policy anytime if we think we need more clear statements, and will update and let you know on site. If we have other new methods to use your information and this policy doesn’t cover the usage, we will ask for your consent before using any data (but the protection and using of important data will be never changed).If there is any change of terms and policies, we will inform our customers by email and reminding on site.

Data Security

We ensure to protect the data of users, respect your privacy and will never public your information. We draw high attention to the safety of personal identifiable information which is associated with our users, so the safety measures came out to prevent the losing, misusing and distorting of personal data. Although we can not promise or guarantee not to loss or distort the data, we will try our effort to prevent such accidents from happening.

Cookies and SEO Data

Our website collect these types of user data:cookies,emails,session(IP, geographic location,etc),SEO data(PV,keywords, residence time,etc).Our website uses cookies to collect information while you are visiting. Although cookies would recognize computers of users, they will not identify the users themselves. The using of cookies is mainly reflected as the following.

  1. Cookies also can memory websites you have used before and it means that we can make sure which kind of product those visitors like.
  2. Store your preference.
  3. Allow you to visit the website more quickly and easily.
  4. Collect your statistical information about how to use the website and then we can improve it.

Purpose Of Data Collection

We use email or other methods to collect data. And there are two purposes you can see as the following.

  1. Email is used to recommend our products and maintain clients.
  2. Other methods are used to promote better service and improve the visiting being more comfortable to consumers.

Contact Us - Eyemarkedcards

If you have any questions, doubts, suggestions about our Privacy Policy or any privacy of your personal data, please contact us by email or via Contact Us page.

This Privacy Policy was last updated on October 22, 2014.

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