How Induction Dice Help You Win Money

Posted By Robert Rake    
Our induction dice can help you win money in dice gambling. Then, how they work in the cheating process? 
If you intend to cheat in dice gambling alone by using our induction dice, you need to put a vibrator into your pocket before you gamble. The induction dice covered by dice bowl or dice cup will send signals to the vibrator, letting you know what result is gonna come out by shaking once or twice. For instance, if the result is odd, the vibrator will shake once, while if the result is even, the vibrator will shake twice.
Such cheating dice have been installed inside with a microchip, but there is nothing special in appearance about them and you can not find anything inside them if you smash the dice into pieces. 
We can provide you with induction dice of different sizes, including 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm ... Besides, we can also process your normal dice, no matter it’s transparent dice, bone dice or plastic dice, into induction dice for you if you like. 
If you want to know what result is gonna come out when you guess “ odd or even” or “ big points or small points” in dice gambling, you can use induction dice for that purpose. If you are interested, welcome to contact us!

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