Cellphone Spy Camera Poker Cheating Scanner

Posted By Robert Rake    
① being a normal smart cellphone: making calls, sending messages, downloading apps, surfing the Internet etc..
② being a poker cheating scanner: scanning barcode marked cards, collecting all the cards’ information and transferring the collected data to a poker analyzer 
① iPhone spy camera
② Samsung spy camera   
③ Nokia spy camera
① people always carry their cellphone around, so no one will pay much attention to such a common thing.
② even if some one is suspicious of  the cellphone, he or she will not be able to find out about the concealed spy camera installed in it.
③ the spy camera can work with different types of poker analyzers, including CVK, AKK, PK King, MDA...
① the scanning distance between the spy camera and barcode marked cards is 20 to 40cm, but if you want to customize it, please let us know and we will try our best to satisfy your demand.
② if you are interested in our cellphone spy camera poker cheating scanner, you can contact us any time you want!


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