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  • Watch Poker Cheating Scanner

    ① some are intended for poker dealers -- they have a scanning camera which can scan barcode marked cards caught in your hand. ② others are intended for poker players -- they have a scanning camera which needs to be kept 20 to 40cm from the cards
  • Remote Control Dice

    Our company boasts advanced equipment and sophisticated technology to process normal dice into remote control dice by installing a microchip in the former ones.
  • Aviator Poker Cheating Cards

    We can process Aviator normal playing cards into Aviator poker cheating cards for three poker cheating systems: poker perspective system, poker analyzing system and poker monitoring system.
  • Jacket Poker Exchanger

    We can turn a common jacket into a poker cheating device by installing a poker camera or a poker exchanger in one of its sleeve cuff. The former’s magic is to scan edge marked cards, while the latter’s function is to exchange normal playing cards.
  • Automatic Dice Cup System

    Our automatic dice cup system has been used by many of our customers who want to win money in dice games by using some cheating devices. For information about its components ( electronic dice, an automatic dice cup and a remote control ), please refer
  • We can install a poker cheating camera in ceiling lights of different styles, which all are characterized by exquisite appearance and fine workmanship.
  • Dal Negro Marked Poker Cards

    Our company, EYEPCC, boasts advanced technology and sophisticated equipment to print invisible marks on Dal Negro normal poker cards, producing Dal Negro back marked poker cards and Dal Negro edge marked poker cards.
  • Our power strip poker cheating camera can scan poker cheating barcodes normally within 1 to 2.5 meters from barcode mared cards -- if you prefer longer scanning distance, we can satisfy you demand and make it reach up to 5 meters. Its scanning range i
  • Wallet Poker Exchanger

    A common wallet can be turned into two types of poker cheating devices: poker scanner and poker exchanger. Unlike wallet poker scanner, wallet poker exchanger does not requires playing cards to be processed into marked cards. For more information abou
  • If you are in the market for a poker scanning device, which can scan edge marked cards from a long distance, we are here recommending you to try our flowerpot poker cheating camera.
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